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Fact sheets & publications

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The Macular Disease Foundation Australia has developed a comprehensive range of publications. An overview of our publications can be seen below.

To read any of the Foundation's publications, simply click on the front page image.

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DL Brochure
Overview of MD

MD Booklet with Amsler Grid
Comprehensive information on MD and magnetised tear-out Amsler Grid

Also available in audio format

Nutrition & Supplements for Macular Degeneration
Information on nutrition and supplements to maximise macular health.

Also available in audio format


Low Vision - A Guide
Coping strategies, low vision tips for the recently diagnosed and a detailed service directory of low vision organisations

Also available in audio format

Family, Friend & Carer - A Guide
Provides information for carers who support people who are blind or have low vision

Low Vision Aids & Technology - A Guide
Answers key questions and gives examples of low vision aids and technology.

Slips, Trips & Falls - A Guide
Practical advice to avoid slips, trips and falls

Also available in audio format

What to ask your Eye Care Professional
Suggested questions to ask your eye care professional about MD

Eye Injection Treatment Costs & Rebates
A guide to the ophthalmologist’s costs and Medicare entitlements

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Factsheet

Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Eye Disease Booklet
Provides comprehensive information on diabetic eye disease.

DL Brochure
Overview of diabetic eye disease

Research Update 2016
Provides information on current MD research

Other Macular Diseases - Factsheets


Translated Macular Degeneration Booklets
Information translated into seven languages.



Translated Diabetic Eye Disease Booklets
Information translated into five languages.